twager | radio messenger across the globe


radio messenger free of cell towers and satellites


Cellular and mobile Internet penetration is only 61%. So 3 billion people without global connectivity. Cellular connectivity for urban areas only and satellite Internet is expensive.


Twager uses a short-wave frequency range extending far beyond the horizon for several hundred kilometers and saved us about $10 billion on deploying a network of cell towers or satellite constellation. This makes our text message radio network not only available worldwide, but also affordable for developing and developed countries.


Twager is a device the size of a regular iPhone that allows you to send a message around the world without using cell towers and satellite groupings.

Rapid deployment of the radio network is based on peer-to-peer transmission and the ability of subscribers to make a profit on a conscious relay of messages.

Why now?

82% current mobile Internet users freely use SMS and messengers for every day communication. Its means what about 80% information can be transferred by the text form without any unconvience. Pareto rule still works.

Where is a money?

Use of twager is free for subscribers. Advertisers will pay about $3 per month per user. Facebook is now using a similar monetization model, but for 2 billion users.


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